Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Subjects This Semester

    Assalamualikum wbt. Today I want to share about my subjects I was taken in this semester. UiTM Segamat is the place when I further my study after SPM. Now, I am at third semester on course Diploma in Business Study (Transport). I have 7 core subjects to learn and I will try my best to increase my pointer or get the more than that.

     The first subject I attend for this semester 3 is TPT 252 (Introduction of Transport). This is the main subject because that have relationship on my course. This subject credit hour is 3.00 and they assessment have been divided by two. Firstly , 30% in this subject will take on test and 10% will take on quiz and the rest of the mark is for the final. My lecturer name is Leftenan Colonel Mohd Ramzi bin Hj. Mohd Nor. He is a straight person because they is ex-force but they also kindly person. So, my impression on this subject is I hope my lecture can help to teach me and I can score A and get high mark on my carry marks.
    The second  subject is BEL 311 (English for Academic Purpose).  The lecturer for this subject is Mr. Izuan bin Ismail. I think he is strict when they teach on class but they is also kindly person.  The credit hour for this same likes a TPT 252 subject but their assessment will be divided by four types. Firstly 30% mark for this subject will be take on from the term paper, 10% is take on from online quiz, 20% from the discussion and the lastly 40% will be taken from the final marks. My impression for this subject, I hope this lecturer can help me to improved my English and score more better high mark  from the past semester.

    Next, CTU 241 (Asas Ekonomi Islam) subject. This subject is about a basic of Islamic economy. This subject is different between the other subject because they use a Malay language and only have a 2.00 for their credit hour. The assessment for this subject has divided for 4 types. Firstly, the 15% mark it was taken on test, 15% more was taken on assignment and the 20% of the mark was be taken from the presentation and the other rest of 60% mark was be taken on final paper. The lecturer that teach me this subject is Ustazah Siti Aishah binti Sokhibul Fadil. This lecturer is a funny person and she likes to story in class. My impression on this subject is I hope I can score A and my education about Islamic can be improve.

    The forth subject is MGT 269 (Communication for Business). Credit hour for this subject is 3.00 and the assessment has be divided for two types only because this subject didn't have a test or quiz. So, student only must do the assignment and final for this subject. The assignment for this subject has been give 60% mark and the 40% mark was be taken on the final paper. Lecturer for this subject is Miss Fazlin Natasya binti Abdul Halim. I think she is a simple and funny person and I hope I can pass and score the high mark on this subject.

    Next subject is MKT 243 (Introduction to Marketing). This is a subject for part 2 and this is my repeat paper but on my status is first timer I am taken this subject. This is because at the past semester, I miss final paper for this subject because I am suffering from severe gastric. The credit hour for this subject is 3.00 and the assessment for this subject is 15% of the mark will be taken on the assignment, 20% was taken from the test, 5% was be taken on product assignment and the rest of 60% mark will be taken for the final paper. The lecturer for this subject is Madam Noorita binti Mohammad and she is kindly person and i enjoyed in their class. So, I hope I can pass for this subject and didn't miss again at the final paper and also score the higher mark.

   Other than that, the next subject I has been taken is ACC 116 (An Introduction To Cost Accounting). Ths also the subject for part 2. I take this subject at this semester because I did't pass my ACC 106 (Introduction of Accounting) subject when I am part 1 and I repeat that subject at the last semester. The credit hour for this subject is also 3.00 and they has four types divided for their assessment. The assessment for this subject is 20% of mark will be taken on the test, 10% from the quiz, 10% from the assignment and the lastly 60% will be taken from the final paper. The lecturer name that was teach me in this subject is Miss Noor Hidayah. She is the kindy person and I like the ways she teach us and my impression is I hope I can score the higher mark and pass this subject.

    And the last subject I was taken is HBU 132 (Civil Defenses III). This is curriculum subject and that only have 1.00 for their credit hour. On this subject, the assessment has been divided by three type namely 20% mark will be taken from the assignment, 30% from the camping and 50% from the final paper. The couch that was teach us on this subject is Mr. Zulchandra. She is simple and kindly person and I hope I can score A+ for this subject. So, that only subject that I am taken on this semester that I want to share. Thank you.

About Myself

    Assalamualaikum wbt. My name is Mohamad Shah Amirull bin Ibrahim. I am twenty years old. I am born at Hospital Sultanah Fatimah Muar or the other name is Hospital Muar at Johor. I live in Muar, Johor. My first primary school is SK Saint Andrew Muar and I was study at there until standard six. My secondary is SMK Saint Andrew, Muar started from form one until form five. My SPM result is unsatisfied and until now my English still weak. After one years I ended my secondary school, I got an offer from UiTM Segamat, Johor to join a Pre-diploma course (MDAB) on 2011. I got a excellent result in my pre-diploma result and now I continued my study on course Business Study in Transport at the same campus.

    Next, about my family. My father's name is Ibrahim bin Mohamed. He is a leader in family. My father working as a labour. My mother's name is Hasimah binti Jantan. She is housewife and a good and also great mother to her children. My father from Muar and my mother is from Segamat. I have five siblings on my family. My first sibling is my eldest brother. His name is Mohd Afizull and he is twenty seven years old. He is already married and got one children. Furthermore, my second siblings is my eldest sister. Her name is Siti Mashisha. She is twenty five years old and already engaged. Finally is my little brother and sister. They is a twins. Their name is Muhammad Nabil Asyraf and Nur Nabila Emisha. Their age is thirteen years old and study at a different secondary school.

    Besides that, I have favourite food to share. I like to eat  chicken especially a fried chicken. Besides that, I also like to eat a seafood such as a crab and prawn. Next is my favorite drinks. My favorite drink is milo ice, horlick ice and fruit juice such as apple juice, orange juice and watermelon juice. I also like to drink a chocolate milk because it have a many types of a vitamin to make my body to get more healthy.

    Other than that, I have a hobby. I was do my hobbies when I have a free time or when I was bored. My hobbies is online the social website such as Facebook and Twitter because from that I can get communicated with my friends and also get a new friends. Beside that, I like to do a text message on mobile phone with someone such as friends and my parents. I also like to play a outdoor activities such as futsal and football but I rarely to do that activities. This is because I have a low blood pressure and a doctor has advice to me didn't do a outdoor or extreme activities  usually because they want to avoid me from fainted.

    Lastly, I like to expand my time with friends. When I with my friends, we like to do a relaxing activities such as bike a motorcycle or drive a car and go to town or sightseeing at Tanjung Ketapang or Malacca. other than that, I have many ambition but I have only two real ambition I want achieve. That is I want working at a ship company or other transport work as suitable with my course that I was study. Besides that, if I didn't get to achieve the first ambition, I want to be a businessman. So, this is part of me that I can share. Thank you.